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The Simple Prompt To Write

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The Simple Prompt To Write

Waiting for the perfect moment and setting to write doesn’t bring results most days. 

Poems get drafted on the backs of envelopes and shopping lists in many cases. A line or a scene from a movie can provoke an unexpected verse.

Writing everyday isn’t the easiest thing to do. Life is so distracting! 

Along with the 40 hour work week.

Here is a poem that was elicited by one word, given at a Writers of Kern meeting.



The hills are purple in evening

The sun has sunk behind the eastern hill

From my window I see three white cars

I know they’re white but


Now they are pale purple

Like the line on the shoulder of the boulevard

Like the house lights coming on

What is it that filters the spectrum to purple

At this time of day?

Moisture? Smog? Solar flares?

Or is it that same magnetism that often draws me to the window?


What do your unexpected passages get scribbled on?


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