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Going The Distance

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Going The Distance

We mean ‘stand back’ when we say Distance, in these pandemic times. Not a story, but real life.

Yet Sedona, in a far world, has learned to fight. Kill even.

She has also learned to appreciate the artfulness of students who weren’t born to dance. Including herself. And she marvels at the community of people who simply celebrate everything and everyone. It is all so good!

Like a morphine-induced coma must be, after the shark attack.

She walked into the water on one beach, but washed up onto a different shore.

But life is like that, right?

She wants to go the distance and find them again. Whatever, wherever, it is.

Even the Distance

Ice melting on my eye
Running like spring into warm meadows
Even the distance between us is precious
In this universe
That has no space
Today’s crossroads are the convergence
Of hundreds of years of dreams,
In this universe
That has no time
Snowflakes falling on my face
Melting like ghostly kisses
The stroke of a glance
Ocean and sky the same hazy blue
I draw the horizon in,
Just a guess, like the line
Between you and me
At the end of the day we say goodbye.
The night is warm. I look up.
There are those roses
Spilling from behind the moon again.

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Please, keep the distance and stay safe peeps!


2 thoughts on “Going The Distance

  1. Nice poem 🙂

    I like these lines:

    The night is warm. I look up.
    There are those roses
    Spilling from behind the moon again.

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