Sedona – Surfer Ballet Dancer

surfer ballet dancer


Sedona by Buxton Deporter


Surfer ballet dancer – the ocean is her backyard. For her surfing is exhilarating, challenging, and calming.


Sedona is a YA/New Adult sci fi fantasy.


The Perfectionism In Ballet

The perfectionism ideals for a ballerina is a grueling prospect for 17 year old Sedona, who is a brilliant athlete – yet whose feet do not have the perfect point, and whose build is more developed than the average sylph or swan queen. But “la danse” is a calling, and life cannot be lived without it.



Her parents both help and hinder her, each in their own way. The solo in the school performance, the summer job – yet no real presence on a day to day basis. A shocking event with her boyfriend has resulted in a lonely school year, yet she strives to excel in the show and maybe have a decent date at the party afterwards. Happy for an evening…At least, that was the plan for this surfer in pointe shoes.

Someone else had another plan. Sedona awakes at dawn the following day, washed up on the Malibu beach – almost naked and with a stinging shark bite on one arm. Her world has disappeared. Weird!…and everything just keeps getting weirder.


surf board and pointe shoes


The pointe shoes standing upright are Freeds.

The one lying down is an Eva Martin. This brand was later bought by Bloch. I emailed Bloch to ask what the equivalent pointe shoe style was in their brand, and they never answered me. 

A Day In The Life Of A Ballerina

Does She Really Want This? Do You?

Buxton Deporter seeks representation for Sedona, the first in this YA/New Adult series.



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