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A Toy Saw Lies In The Gravel


A Toy Saw Lies In The Gravel

A toy saw lies in the gravel

Its handle is orange

Every cinder block in the wall is scored with colored chalk

One of those kids must be tall


I never see or hear them

Maybe it’s a weekend thing

But that doesn’t make sense

I never hear or see them


Visitation is during the Mon-to-Fri I guess

Unless one of those adults

Who clank and bump around all night below me

Is the one with the chalk and toys.


I am an old person. But we all think young don’t we?

I think of Sedona, quarantined from a world – a dream world? – she feels she lived in. A lost love, a lost child. 

She doesn’t have to stand back. She can’t get there from here.

 Confined With All Of You

I am confined to the home in the national/global quarantine, with all of you.

My N99 organic cotton mask is still out in the sun, sanitizing after its foray to the grocery store pick up yesterday evening.

No one else was wearing a mask nor gloves. Thanks guys.

“It’s your funeral” – and 3x – 3x – 3x = the peeps to whom you might be passing This Thing. 

Some people are just stubborn and play follow the leader too well.

There is a lot to learn. The avalanche of conflicting information makes a lot of homework.

That’s fine if you’re confined looking for something to do.

Well at least I have the weekend. 

I guess this will be the shortest post on this blog. 

But, it is my day off.

We’re all dancing around something, right? In the mystery, in the evolution, and the mystery of our lives.




2 thoughts on “A Toy Saw Lies In The Gravel

  1. I don’t understand all the seemingly “unconcerned-ness”. I love this line: “The avalanche of conflicting information makes a lot of homework.” This is gospel. And it’s so exhausting. Take care and be safe. I’ll be wearing my mask, too. xoA

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