healing dream power 2

Healing Dream Power #2

This recent dream happened a week ago, about a year after Dream #1. You can go there if you didn’t read that one.

This dream starts at the end of the canyon where the river has run dry. The canyon walls have lowered and are maybe about four stories high.

The urban area – windows in the cliff faces – is not in sight because the canyon has curved.

As I walk along the dirt road towards work I pass nice looking older row housesstyle homes made of wood and brick. Around 1900 style. Three stories.

And I’m thinking I really should get a place closer to work. Maybe there’s an apartment for rent in one of these homey looking houses. Like t.h.a.t. one…

I come up to the one on my right. It is painted a light gray with white trim. As I come to the front of it I see that it’s really a store. An art gallery maybe? I see three stories with picture windows and sculptures in them.

Of an overblown Rococo style. Cherubs, angels, satyrs, all gilded. Yuk!

Not my taste in art. Then I see a face peering out at me. I look awaywoman face dark eyes quickly. Her eyes were dark and piercing. I hardly noticed the face.

O.K., maybe I don’t want to live around here! Just a passing thought.

The next part of the dream I don’t remember so well. At work, everything is almost the same but different. You know how work dreams go.

You’re looking for a file and the entire filing cabinet is gone.  Or the room with the filing cabinet is gone. Typical work dream.

I spend all day worrying how to tell my boss I can’t get him the file.

Cut to closing time. It’s summer so the sun is still bright. I walk toward the art gallery house and glance at it as I pass it. No dark eyes. Whew!

But wait! Suddenly I’m a mile up the road and I can see the bend where the canyon walls get higher. On this part of the road there are no more houses and while there are people down the road behind me there is no one within a quarter mile.

Don’t you wish that could happen in real life? You’re leaving the office and suddenly you’re half way home?

Anyway, the road is narrow and there are some trees and bushes bordering it. It’s a walking road, not a vehicle road. There are beautiful buttes and mountains in the distance.

Then this be-otch from the store/art gallery appears close to me! She’s very styled up and over made up but she’s skinny and ugly. The make up is more like a complete mask, or face paint because the eyes seem to be on a different plane.

Her glare emits some kind of electrical taser-like beam thingy. Like pain wracked digital designshe’s shooting nano-shards of glass into me. Pain wrack!

I go to the advice (noted in Dream 1) and start up the “Jesus loves you” mental projection and I’m s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g. it!

I still can’t explain the Jesus thing…but maybe I’m bi-spiritual or something, unbeknownst to myself.

She backs off and scowls but I feel terrible, weak, full of cut glass.

I stagger on. Another person – styled, garishly made up, approaches me. I get the taser attack again! I do the Jesus projection.

This happens a couple of more times. I decide I can’t make it home.

I better go back. If I can make it. If I have to I can sleep overnight there. Whatever.

I head back. The sun is still bright liken I’m in Alberta or Finland or somewhere. You known how dreams are.

Soon I’m collapsing, crawling. I’m full of cut glass in my joints, in my muscles. But now the dream doesn’t transport me a mile back. Uh-uh. I must crawl.

Hello Jesus? It’s me. Any help? And the Jesus I see is from my early red haired Jesus no tanchildhood. Long auburn hair, and he’s a white guy!

He doesn’t even have a tan!

Yup! There’s help! A young Hispanic woman in a police type uniform (I know because police men and women come to my place of employment and have to shed the 40 pound belt with gun and stick and Kevlar vest when they do) is lifting me up!

And ya know – she hugs me!

Some of the pain goes away. She points toward where I want to go back. I continue. Then one of those THINGS shows up. A snarling skull demon snarling smilesmile and I’m back down in the red dust!

Full of nano-shards I’m crawling again. But I keep on crawling! Back towards that nasty pretty house with the crazy cherubs in it!

I crawl around a curve and someone lifts me up. It’s a famous movie and television star and I’m not going to tell who. Uh-uh.

Do you ever have one of those stars show up in a dream of yours?

I think that  happens because a character they play (nothing to do with them personally) represents a certain kind of strength.

In my dream, this actor represents an individual in law enforcement who is f***ed around with by a charismatic cult leader. And, yup, he hugged me. Some of my pain melted.

Then I walk back to the area where the overblown Rococo art gallery is and no Nasty/Stylized nano-particle beam-shooters show up.

day end sunny street
This pic is mine btw.

My BFF suddenly shows up and she hugs me too. In a block of thought I convey to her everything that happened. She nods. And we just start walking home as the day begins to end.

I feel protected and safe. Whew!

I’m starting to remember some more dreams that may be related to the Sedona canyon areas/weird stylized peeps and other stuff I mentioned in Dream 1.

Do you have dreams that tie in with others? Pray, do tell in the comments below.


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