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Healing Power Dreams #1

Healing Power Dreams – You’ve Had Them Too Right?

The first Buxton Deporter screenplay “Dreamriders” was started with a dream. It was a sci fi story about a young couple living in Studio City, California.

And other dreams became outlines for more sci fi stories.

A dream I had last night caused me to recall one I had about two years ago.  It started with me driving up a freeway which intersected a city. The freeway was bordered with much greenery, and all exits went to urban streets.

It was also bordered with parks and fountains and the freeway went up and down hills.

As I was driving I had an aerial perspective, looking for the right exit. Maybe I was viewing a google map or something. I was pretty anxious about getting the right exit.

And I got it, I thought. I turned into an underground parking lot and left my car. Then I got on a moving sidewalk and traveled underground until it stopped.

A tunnel led to a huge open space. It was a long ravine, with high red cliffs and a river snaking away.  Kind of like Sedona.


cathedral rock dream Sedona


A large crowd had gathered and then an area that led into a cave, floored by the river, suddenly lit up. Tiered up the sides of the cave stood a choir, and they started singing medieval music, like Hildegard Von Bingen’s.

She was an abbess in France and she was a musician. A local abbot was jealous of her abbey’s choir and he condemned it to silence. 

healing power dream house

What a dick.

Anyway, after the music performance, I started floating over the river, fast, with the current. The river got smaller as the miles zipped by, and then dried up altogether.

Now in the sides of the red cliffs I saw lit windows, ten or more storiesof them. I saw people inside, living their lives. I sensed someone close to me was in there somewhere.

And I got a really bad feeling.

Evil was afoot here. I passed windows showing prisoners inside, being tortured. I couldn’t do anything!

Then I got the idea that this nasty influence was going to take over my world. A force pushed me back down the river toward where I’d come from, the theater area.

And this insidious force followed me. I couldn’t out run it.evil in dream

Here’s a weird part. I’m not religious at all. But, in the dream, I remembered a time when someone told me (not in a dream) that whether you were Christian or not, the idea of Jesus, or the spirit of Jesus, would dissolve any negative energy.

The person who told me that isn’t Christian, but his information worked! As I floated backwards I just kept projecting the idea “Jesus/God loves you!”

And the bad energy dissipated as I reached the terminal at the mouth of the city-end cave. I went back to the moving sidewalk and seemed to be on my way home…when I saw  my best friend standing there.

I told her “Don’t go out there. It’s beautiful but it’s a trap”. Then I woke up.


Sedona cave mouth end


Well that’s a lot! I’ll keep last night’s dream for the next post. It is related, because it ends up in the same red rock ravine, but starts from the other direction.

Who knows if this will be a series, or, one day, a book!

Have you had a dream or two or three where you show up in the same place? A place you’ve never seen or been? Yet feels familiar?

Pray, tell us about your dream! You can write it below.


Healing Dream Power #2



11 thoughts on “Healing Power Dreams #1

  1. When I first started reading your blog I thought it was about science fiction, however, after reading further I realized it was about dreams. The weird thing is I was just thinking this morning, “I wonder what it means when you have a dream that you keep dreaming.
    I have two, one about the house I grew up in and another about birthing a baby.
    The first one I sort of figured out. We moved a lot when I was a kid and finally settled down when we moved to Michigan. It was my first home and I felt safe there.
    The second one is a little harder due to the fact that at 48 I AM NOT having any more babies! I think its about birthing new adventures.
    I believe that dreams hold the key to your past and/or your future. Joseph, in the old testament could interpret dreams and he was pretty accurate.
    I also find it fascinating that you understand the positive power/energy in the name of Jesus and when you use it evil will dissipate.
    Thanks for the blog and for sharing your dream!
    Dream On,

    1. Kim that’s really interesting that you say you dreamed about the house you grew up in…although you moved a lot as a kid (I did too!) And you dreamed about birthing new ideas.

      Thank you for sharing your dreams here!

      Sedona, the Buxton Deporter novel, is a sci fi story.

      And I’m sure all sci fi authors have had vivid dreams that lead to their writings.

      You dream on – too!

  2. I have actually. I use to dream (repeatedly) That it was dark out. I seemed to be at a park. There was a bench and a street light and a field of grass there. I sat on the bench momentarily and all of a sudden I was up running! I ran until I was out of breath, I ran until my body hurt and I ran until day broke and I was in someone’s front yard! As I looked around panting to catch my breath I hear gunshots! I heard the bullets fire, but when I looked at them, they were moving in slow motion! 1 person hit, 2 people hit, I was number three, but then I woke up! I use to have this dream as a child and remember it like it was yesterday! Dreams are powerful! Thanks for listening! 🙂

    1. Hi bidnesslady. Thanks for visiting and sharing your dream. I am fascinated by repetitive dreams – surely they mean something, but what on earth? Maybe yours means you can get “hit hard” by life but you can always keep on going? The complete amateur’s dream interpretation lol. Who knows, right?

  3. I suppose because I wasn’t exposed directly to Christianity until I was older, much of my personal mythos in dreams evolved around supernatural powers, mostly of the comic book variety. I was a huge Green Lantern and X-Men fan in my formative years, and I have dreamed a few times that I spontaneously combust and my skin burns away, leaving me as a living torch. In those dreams I am always powerful but afraid of what others will think, and so sad that no one can touch me.
    It is interesting to read about others process. Thanks for the interesting post.

    1. Thanks for the interesting input Chelsea! The issue of power and powerlessness and perceptions of those conditions seems to be the crux of human behaviour. Perhaps more so in dreams? And dreams are endlessly fascinating!

  4. Wow, those are dramatic dreams, and I can see how they could lead to a book or script. I don’t think I dream that way. The dreams that are the most profound for me are the ones in which someone I knew (and no longer see, for whatever reason) “visits” me, and we spend time together. I usually awaken more than once during the night and go back to sleep, eagerly, because I want to spend more time with them. The next day, I feel wonderful; I have a residual joy from the pleasure of the visit. I am reminded that once we “know” someone, we always “know” them, whether they’re here in the physical or not, whether they’re in our immediate, current life or not.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Alaine for visiting the site and sharing your dream experience. I too find it’s very special when I dream of someone who has passed on, or a person I haven’t seen for many years and it feels like we “really visited”. It’s a lovely 180 from the daily work of life and all the separations that are in place to keep us focused on the external aspects of life. Sweet dreams!

  5. I can’t say I’ve had a dream where I ended up in the same place, but definitely one where it seemed like a familiar place… a parking structure that looks like one at the university I went to. Though in this dream I was in a heated battle with a female cyborg. Towards the climax I was beaten laying on the ground, and she puts a gun to my head, and as she pulls the trigger, I woke up o.O. So does this mean I lost?! I wanted to fall back asleep to avenge myself damnit!

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream Wil! Tangling with Cyborgs isn’t a promising bet lol! Perhaps it means you were exceptionally brave to get into the fight in the first place. Maybe you saved a planet. And died a hero? I’m an optimist ha ha. Maybe you’ll meet her again in another dream and turn the tables!

  6. Every dream I have is pretty surreal, strange, and weird. I usually don’t have good dreams, at least for the standards of people who don’t like an eerie atmosphere, but I am different. I feel kinda trippy, and I like to feel trippy. I don’t smoke weed either, my job doesn’t allow it, but despite not smoking weed, I still like to feel trippy

    Couple nights ago I had this dream I was at this church I used to go to back in high school, it was the mom made me go type of thing so I didn’t enjoy it back then. The thing is that I went with my Mom(parents divorced when I was in like 2nd grade) in real life. In the dream I went with my Dad.

    I felt awful while I was in church, like I was being judged by everyone inside, and the pastor as well. My Dad said”Son, you need to listen to this” I started to cry and ignored everything the pastor said, I felt like I really needed to get out of there bad! Then I kind of just woke up.

    I don’t exactly know what this means. I always thought that dreams were kind of just random, I really don’t know for sure though.

    I remember a couple of other dreams. When I was around 10, I had a dream that I was in a star wars gun war, I was a clone, and we were fighting battle droids. It was on a landless planet, everything in my background vision was a sky, and me and like 13 other clones were shooting at battle droids while in a Ferris wheel that was supported on a giant pole coming from the ground(that looked like a sky)

    I have weird dreams, and another thing, In some dreams I have the ability to realize when I am actually dreaming, I can gather out and realize, this is too absurd to be reality, and I tell myself that this is definitely a dream! When I tell myself this, a static shock jolts my brain, like it gets fried. My vision gets distorted and super blurry as my head is shaking left and right constantly. I just feel like I am getting shocked, its the strangest thing! It seems like this happens to me every time I realize that I am dreaming!

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