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We Didn’t See It Coming

All quotes on this page are from High Functioning Aspergers.
“Those who are diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome are most commonly male, and they will often have an average or above average IQ.”


Advanced Techniques


We didn’t see it coming

How could we, it was yet unnamed

It was shock, and a mad scramble

When your brain hit the wall.


What brain is this that can’t connect

Can’t grasp the good, can’t grip onto

The web that wove itself for you.

That still spins itself for you.


And more, even without advanced techniques

Knew it would take some extra love

Time, effort, – ‘splainin’

To hang on to your cold shoulder.


But it’s your brain

Not ours, that knows the codes

That write realities, the backgrounds,

Which land us on the same page.


“Aspergers in adults might often be perceived by others as strange or as attention seeking, so those with a good support network of family and friends who can understand and deal with their behaviour tend to thrive far better than those who do not have such a network.”

It is heart breaking for friends and family to see an adult struggling and misapplying their brilliance.

Younger Aspies get bullied in school. Their talents and shyness draw abusers to them.

For the extroverts, a non supportive and dysfunctional role model can set them up for social disaster. They look for long distance love, perhaps as a forum thread moderator, nerd wrangling at its worst.

Powerless in the face of social norms, they may get hooked into a cult-like group where they can exert control and get away with verbal abuse that the introvert participants will endure, rather than be cast out.

Lord Of The Flies, isn’t it?

I am sure this is much worse than I can imagine, even though I have ventured into some of these threads.

It’s sad when there is no system of health care for all and no mental health care. It’s difficult anywhere except for the wealthy.

You get what you pay for.

But that is the world we’re in, where politicians juggle for profits from a pandemic, controlling resources and distribution within the “private/public historical partnership” that reminds me of the National Socialists and private enterprises such as I.G. Farben.

Billionaires that lied about the benefits of wearing masks, gloves, and social distancing, and still argue about it.

No one who is not a qualified member of the medical field should have any say in these issues. Maybe we will get some good from this pandemic on that front.

And maybe not.We’ll be glad if we survive it, for the discussions, won’t we? 


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