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Baring The Soul – Bearing The Soul

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Baring The Soul – Bearing The Soul

I really had this post down, earlier today. I know I’ve forgotten some main point I was going to make.

But I started cleaning again. Intensively.

I talked to a person from my past who called out of the blue to see if I was O.K..

That was nice. But then he recommended a video about how the Covid 19 pandemic is a complete hoax and asked me to watch it.

Curious, I looked for it. I couldn’t find it and maybe the Tube has taken it down.

Or maybe I needed a secret handshake or some digital equivalent, to view it.

I could check ru.tube. I will, if I find myself with nothing to do. Right. 😎 Like that ever happens!

My hands have almost recovered from last week’s scrubbings. I will be careful, and wear gloves more often, instead of relying on hand washings.

Because I was able to re-order the 200 count box of gloves from an Amazon seller – at twice the price.

I stressed a lot about having to open the mail at work and scan checks, and then store them. The peeps who bring them to the premises to drop them into the drop box don’t wear gloves or masks and seem to begrudge us this inconvenience.

They could pay online. Ever have a person say to you – “oh no, I don’t want my personal info on line!”.

Kidding me! It’s been on line for twenty years dear person. I mentally see the long list of agencies that have your data on line, even if you didn’t put it there.

What else – oh yes, I ordered a UVC wand today, to sanitize small objects – like mail – at the office and at home.

Here is a guide on the virus killer power those UVC devices, if you’re wondering. 

So far, sanitizing mail has been drop it on the floor and don’t touch it for three days.

I am also irked because I couldn’t afford the bigger badder UVC sanitizer devices I saw on Amazon, so I ordered a steam cleaner for floors, carpets and smaller areas, meaning a hand held attachment.

Right now it’s that hand held attachment I want. For me, and the elderly I care for.

For front door knobs, the mail box, and for super disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom.

Amazon doesn’t consider it to be an “essential” product so I’m getting it in maybe a month. Seriously? Steam kills!

That’s why I’m not thrilled about decisions made by robots.

Dear leaders, don’t isolate us in the wrong ways.


masked person at road block


17 year old Sedona has had the road closed between two worlds. With dangers in both.

And potentially isolated in both. 

With best friends in both.

Whatever she can do, and decides to do, she walks the edge.

Do you, too, feel like you’re walking the edge, every time you go out – open the mail?

O.K., I’m done with the complaining.  


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