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One Quarter World Away

Image by TweSwe from Pixabay

The search results on Google for “social distancing and anxiety” show 105 Million articles, as of today. Maybe that’s not so many, considering the adult and young adult portions of the 7.5 billion members of humanity.

New routines are in order, while there are benefits in keeping up some old ones. If you’re working from home, you might want to:

  • Keep the same hours – or other regular hours
  • Get up and get dressed every day – or not
  • Surely you must arrange boundaries with other household members for your space and time
  • Take your same work breaks
  • Walk the dog as usual
  • Exercise in your yard and the fresh air – if you have one

Dancers have world class teachers and fellow company members teaching on line classes. This goes the same for musicians and visual artists and writers.

Home schooling children? That is an activity I once did during a short time, but am not involved with now. What a challenge.

This following poem was written a long time ago. It shows a youthful imagination, a strong connection with someone, and a youthful delusion of even a possibility of control over life. What is realistic in this poem, is the anxiety of the physical distance, the lack of immediate access to another.

One Quarter World

Gazing at the morning star

Venus rising and fading in the sun

Dawn exploding, I boarded a light ray

And crossed the world to greet you

You’d been up late too, and in your town

Church bells interrupting your sleep,

Venus disappeared in the bright morning

Of your green country and I realized

Why this star was named for love

You have to be up in the night to see her

She slips away with sunrise

All humanity’s love exploding into days of war

Men one day will shoot off into space

In their desperation to ravage her

In misery grasping for goddesses our race dies

How can I avert this with you

One quarter world away?



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