Ballet Dancer Surfer Girl

Sedona is a YA/New Adult sci fi fantasy.

Surfer ballet dancer – her posse includes a black lab, a pelican, a cousin with an evil twin, an old surfer dude, and a huge black bear.

The loyal cousin was raised with her like a brother. The old surfer

pointe shoes and water

dude exudes calm and shares wisdom beyond anything she’s heard from the family therapist. With fewer words.

Why does the rest of the world seem to conspire against her?  Including herself, with high self expectations and relentless self reproach.

The Ballet Training Schedule

Sedona has reached the end of her junior year at her performing arts high school in Malibu, California. Almost…Exams are over but here comes the final dance performance.

Rehearsals are intense. Class is just – tense.

She has had a helluva year sans boyfriend of several previous years.

She also lost her best friend to that bf of several previous years.  Her eleventh grade year was bleak, and date-free.

Except for the piano music in ballet class at school, and the pounding of the surf outside at home, she doesn’t want to hear much from anyone anymore.

Not from the bratty bunch of girls , the stalking fan club of thecyber bullying rumours at school gorgeous guy she’s in dance class with. An old friend, a buddy since third grade. Those snarky sophomores waste the long  glares and cyber bullying tweets on her.

(There are guys who tweet around about him too. Don’t they now wish they were in that sissy ballet training class!)

And seriously, not from the sarcastic dance teacher who really has it in for Sedona most days. What is up with that?

Navigating through a simple conversation with The Mom can get – complicated! When a teen has to be vigilant to avoid the triggers that lead to frustration, anger, depression or worse, well, that doesn’t always work out right?

The Dad adores her and and supports her in every way. But not so close up and personal, like when she was little. Days long gone.

To stay busy isn’t a problem, even without a social life. Running on the

dancing alone in waves

beach, surfing, cross-training (weight lifting, Kettle Bells, extra stretching…especially those ankle and foot joints) fills every day up.

What’s better r’n’r than binge watching Battlestar Galactica with the Cuz and the sweet supportive nanny (now general manager of the household only-reliable-person in charge)? With fresh popcorn and churros?

Even the pelican doesn’t poop in her world, unlike the bratties at school. Trained since a baby, he chills on the deck with the dog.

The best of life – surfing, running, binge watching – and dancing every day. All distractions from lost love, peripheral parents, and mean girls.

surfer girl

Best Ballet Summer Intensive Programs

Sedona can have her pick of any of the best ballet summer intensive programs. But her self-deprecating guilt has motivated her to work over the summer instead.

She knows she plays “poor little rich girl” in her head, way too much. Working in a hospice is her way of balancing life.

She can still keep up her ballet training schedule locally. Not that her summer plans turn out remotely like she thought they would!

Here’s a video of a Joffrey Summer School Intensive:

Buxton Deporter seeks representation for Sedona, the first in this YA/New Adult series.